The Felopio Treatment Can Restore Your Reproductive Health. Naturally, From the Comfort of Your Home

Since the 1970s, Felopio is the original, pioneering herbal tampon treatment known to safely unblock the fallopian tubes without the use of any chemicals, medications or invasive surgical procedures.

Update: Steps we are taking in response to the effects of the Coronavirus (Covid19) pandemic

Dear friends,

We would like to update you with how the global pandemic is affecting the way we are doing things here at Felopio.

Our production process has always adhered to the highest hygiene levels and health standards (the jars containing the herbal mixture are sterilized as part of the process) and this remains unchanged.

As always, No person exhibiting any symptoms is allowed to work within a production facility and has to stay home. In addition, we are all practicing social distancing as advised by the Government of Canada to help contain the spread of the virus.

For now, deliveries continue normally and all shipments are going out in the order they are received. Currently, we continue to ship worldwide with deliveries arriving on time.

Last but not least, due to the current developments affecting the world economy and drastically reducing the income of many, we have stepped forward and implemented price reductions until further notice.

Please, stay safe, be kind, and do your part.

Best wishes,

The Felopio Family

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Yes, the treatment is known to unblock the fallopian tubes as it works to cleanse and strengthen the entire reproductive tract. Did you know it does a lot more?

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