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Blocked Fallopian Tube Resources

  Tuesday, February 9th, 2016


Hi Maria,

I did a hsg and the results showed that my tubes are no longer blocked, we are so excited and happy we just want to tell you thanks a million and may god continue giving you the health and strength to keep helping people like us. We would keep in touch and let you know our progress. Thank you again.

yours truly

C. & N. , USA

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How to unblock your fallopian tubes naturally with our herbal tampons

The procedure involves the use of our Felopio™ herbal tampons full with our patented herbal mixture. The tampons are being changed every evening in between menstrual cycles. Our herbal tampons have been used for over 35 years in Eastern Europe and have been proven to be very effective in safely unblocking blocked fallopian tubes.

Making the herbal tampons - Instructions Page 1
Using the herbal tampons - Instructions Page 2

The application process is easy and painless. It will only take 10 minutes a day and usually lasts one to two months. It is as simple as using a tampon. Soon you will witness the results of your tubes unblocking during your nightly flushes. The procedure should start immediately following the last day of your menstrual cycle:

  • You would insert a tampon with the herbal remedy into the vagina at bedtime and leave it for 24 hours;
  • On the following day, you would remove the herbal tampon and flush the vagina with chamomile tea;
  • Insert a new tampon;
  • Repeat steps 1 to 3 every evening until your period arrives.

The procedure is performed until your period arrives or until you have had 3 or 4 consecutive days of clear flushes. The fallopian tubes are unblocked when you have seen 3 or 4 consecutive days of clear flushes.

You should begin to see results within a week from the start of the procedure. The internal chamomile flushing will allow you to immediately see the full effect of the herbal remedy unblocking your fallopian tubes.

Many women are able to conceive on the very next month following the procedure.

Success stories: Women who unblocked their fallopian tubes with Felopio herbal tampons.

* We recommend you flush over a pan so you can observe the discharge (tissues, resembling small noodle like substances) on the surface.

Please refer to our Felopio Flushes page to see examples.
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